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Easy as One-Two-Three: 3 Ways to Use the Rule of Three in Your Home Design

If there’s one important rule in interior design you shouldn’t ever neglect, that should be the rule of three. This guideline applies to many elements, from colors and textures to furniture and fixtures. It creates visual variety in your design, avoiding the monotonous look and feel, while also steering clear of the staged ambiance.

Here’s how you can apply the rule of three when revamping your space:

On color palettes:

When it comes to colors, you should be able to choose three. The first color (the dominant one) should cover 60% of the room, particularly the walls, floors, and ceiling. The secondary hue must reflect on 30% of your space, like the furniture and fixtures. The last one (the accent color) should cover the remaining 10%, which involves the tiny details of the room, such as the vases, throw pillows, artwork, and plants.


For example, in a minimalist-themed space, the dominant color you would usually find is white, then the secondary is gray, and the accent is black. This is one of the most timeless color palettes because of its sophisticated vibe. If you’re not the type to do redesigns every now and then, then stick to this color scheme. If you’re more of the adventurous type, then go for bolder colors. Just remember to stick to three hues.

On textures:

Texture refers to how a certain surface feels when touched — for instance, the soft yet ticklish feel of a faux rug or the rough yet cold feel of a marble countertop. Textures add visual interest to any space because of this effect.

The rule of three also applies to this aspect. You would notice this easily in a monochromatic room, like an all-white space. When you look closely, you would find that there’s an interplay of different tactile qualities of design elements: the whitewashed floors have wood accents, the walls are in brick stones, and the sofas are in nubby fabric or velvet material. Put everything together, it makes a space that’s more aesthetically interesting.

Luxurious home interior with large sliding doors

If you’re looking for specific finishes of wood floors or materials in your sofas, Salt Lake City professional home decorators recommend going to design agencies so you can make the most of their partner-contractors who can tailor-fit elements in your space.

On furniture and fixtures:

Arranging furniture is always a pain in the neck for many homeowners. What they don’t know is that the rule of three is a good guideline to pull it off. Group furniture into three — a coffee table sandwiched between two large sofas or a bed in between two accent tables.

The same principle applies to fixtures like lighting. Typically, a room should have an overhead light, lamps on different tables, and then accent lights, like picture or mood lighting. All these would create a balanced look in your design and at the same time, illuminate your space more properly and bring out its real aesthetic.

Again, the rule of three is a principle you cannot afford to neglect when designing your home. Use it in different elements. This way, you’ll be able to achieve a sense of order in the space, one that doesn’t look too staged. Happy decorating!

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