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Content Your Brand Should Post on Social Media

It can go either way for a company leveraging social media as a way of advertising their business. Things look particularly grim if they do nothing else but post snippets of text and funny GIFs, no matter how relatable. In a world governed by discerning consumers, it is not enough to be funny and relatable. What you need is a corporate identity that ties in all your posts, and a variety of content to show depth.


Texts and images have been tried and tested to be powerful tools when advertising. After all, you cannot urge a customer to act if they are staring at a blank advertisement. Short but powerful ads make use of infographics and controversial images alongside texts that are of equal importance. These are not your only choices, however. This year might just be the year that video becomes the most important advertising content by a long margin.

Consider corporate film production, which you may need to hire professionals for, to widen the net you are casting. Add videos to your tool belt, and you’re capturing the interest of those who prefer to see rather than read. Videos present a wider gamut of emotions, which gives them a stronger impact, but only if done right. This means a lot of thought should go into each video and that length is not the marker of success.

female videographer editing video on laptopLong-form Content

Wit is best delivered when the joke is short and sharp. However, there is also an informality attached to this kind of content, which makes your business accounts look less than what you promise clients. To add value to your brand, work on long-form content. These may take longer to write, but if you already have several shorter content that can be presented in a more comprehensive manner, you are striking a gold mine. Remember that the content you have already produced can easily be repurposed and presented in several ways–infographics, videos, ebooks and lists, to name a few–so do not turn your back on a previous post just yet.

User-generated Content

Snapchat received plenty of backlash for its major update in 2018, which seemed to make it apparent that it does not care for content creators. Rather it seems to be going for bigwigs and established companies. YouTube received a similar backlash when its 2018 ‘Rewind’ video featured more advertiser-friendly content than the actual creators that made quite the noise in that year. The ‘Rewind’ video has garnered 10 million likes days after its release, making it the most disliked video on the platform, a title that Justin Bieber’s song ‘Baby’ previously held. To come up with content that will get more favourable results, study your market and make sure the content does not show an apparent disconnect with what is happening in real life.

There is no limit to the kinds of content you can show your audience. With several forms to choose from, do not limit yourself to just one. Combine different forms and platforms to build a more comprehensive and authoritative brand image.

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