5 Ways to Maximize Your E-commerce Photography

Photography takes on a far greater level of importance when you’re talking about e-commerce stores. As you don’t have a physical store to showcase your products to customers, it’s important to capture them in a more effective light. From careful, professional preparation to high-grade e-commerce product photo editing, there are many tricks that can be applied to make sure that you achieve success.

Here are five of the best that you should apply to ensure that your e-commerce site finds the success you long for:

1. Find a unifying theme

While your e-commerce store is already unified in terms of the products you’re pushing for, it’s a whole different story when you’re talking about product shoots. Even with the same overall products and items, it’s easy to come off as disjointed and disorganized.

When going for a shoot, make sure that you have a theme. This can be seasonal, like a fall collection, or it can be organized by characteristics that you define, like chic, preppy, or smart casual. The trick to themes is making sure that the products are captured in a way appealing to a specific niche.

2. Go natural

Another important decision you need to make has to do with lighting. It’s easy to be blinded by the allure of a full studio set-up, but sometimes, less can be so much more, especially when it comes to lighting.

Remember that you want your products to capture a good imagination, particularly with the way they can be used by your customers should they decide to purchase. Skilled production companies can leverage natural light to the best of their any products that they shoot.

3. Make the product the hero

photography session of a clothing model

While it might seem like a no-brainer, many people actually miss this crucial step. They fill their product shots with all sorts of glitz and glamour that they eventually drown or crowd out the product itself. Again, less is more applies here. Just showcase the item you’re trying to sell more than anything else. In fact, many studies have shown that product shots that are 90% product are far more likely to convert than those that aren’t.

4. Get great editing

E-commerce product photo editing is another crucial consideration, as it allows you to fine-tune your shots to perfection. Getting a great team to carefully ensure that your shots are perfectly crafted to fit your e-commerce site’s needs. This is worth the investment, as it allows for a truly professional look that all the best sites can capture and succeed off of.

5. Know that variety is the spice of life

Finally, don’t just get locked in with one great shot of each of your products. Make sure you have a staple of several great ones to ensure that you can easily update your portfolio without additional costs. This ensures that you stay fresh on top of the competition.

Follow these five tips and you can be sure that your product photography is on point and will help you to succeed.

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